We at Galloping Safaris Limited giving back to our community is integral to the philosophy of Galloping Safaris Limited. We believe “that just as the experience of tourism enriches the lives of travelers; it should also enrich the lives of the indigenous world.”


Working with local Communities

Friends of Irkeepusi sponsoring a number of youth with boarding school fees. We also arrange for visits to the centers by travelers as part of our family safaris and for certain groups. Proceeds from these visits help with their ongoing activities.

Friends of Irkeepusi Tanzania.

Just one of the projects we support is the Masai Land in Ngorongoro at Irkeepusi Village and the surrounding communities who have been orphaned or find themselves on the street have the chance to improve their lives with the help of Maasai Childrens. Their drop-in centre in Arusha provides the first line of relief by offering shelter, food, basic medical treatment and education.

We know these projects are small efforts, but they can make a big impact one project-one person at a time. Our tours incorporate visiting these projects, and your donation associated with taking the trip, helps supports the communities and conservation projects. These are meaningful exchanges with the local people, participating with a purpose to donate time, skills and donations to leave a lasting impression.

On an annual basis Galloping Safaris donates a percentage of each safari sold towards the conservation of endangered wildlife throughout Africa. Each year we chose one grassroots project that is in need of support and in which we can as much as possible guarantee that the money we donate reaches the target audience


1% of our revenue

Goes to develop our community projects

We support Education in Tanzania


Built classrooms in 5 Tanzanian schools. In some areas, children were trying to learn in rotting, filthy shacks; today they have clean, well-maintained classrooms designed to help them learn.

Donated thousands of textbooks, as well as other necessary school supplies.

Constructed kitchen canteens in several schools. Many children in Tanzania were coming to school hungry, or were becoming ill because of unsafe food. These canteens ensure that children are nourished, healthy, and able to focus on learning.

Constructed student dormitories, allowing students from more rural areas who might otherwise not be able to access an education stay in school.

Built teacher housing in remote areas. Oftentimes, teachers cannot go to isolated rural areas because there’s nowhere for them to live, meaning these areas are sometimes entirely without educational options. With the addition of modern, comfortable teacher housing, these communities are now able to attract and hire teachers.