Planning Your Safaris 

Our aim is, quite simply, to help you discover and create a perfect trip.

When you intend to head to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda or the Indian Ocean, we will help you to get beyond the mainstream tourist trails, to experience real safari. You can choose to make your trip more authentic, more adventurous, more luxurious, better value, whatever you want it to be. 

What makes us special.

Since our company is completely Local Native Tanzanian Owned and Operated-Showing Honored Guest the Land, People and Wildlife We Love Since 2013, Delivering Luxury Private Tours for What Large International Tour Operators Charge for a Group Tour and we are able to offer you unbiased advice on all perfect hotels, lodges and camps around East African and beyond.

We are only people who regularly inspect and photography all these places, so that we can help you make properly informed choices and we will make sure you get to the best and most suitable properties, connected together in the most efficient and enjoyable fashion.

There, it is important for all of our team from Our Managing directors, Sales team and our Outstanding guides on the ground to fulfill that dream with a 5-Star level of personalized service that goes beyond their expectations

  1. First Time on a Safari?

Intimate and immersive, an East African safari offers one of the world’s greatest travel experiences. The scale is inspiring, the diversity makes every moment special, and the rhythm of the wild I something that compels most people to return to Tanzania, Kenya and the Indian Oceans.

What to expect.

Safari is nothing like being at zoo, just like visiting the Santa Anna, Disney World & Sanctuary can’t be compared to seeing a painting at a high school art exhibition. These are wild animals and you’re immersed in nature’s theatre, amazed by the perpetual drama and charm. You’ve got front row seats and there’s an intimacy to every moment, whether you’re watching lionesses hunt or tracing the emotion in a zebra’s eye.

Unlike a painting, a safari can’t be encapsulated in a single scene. Even after countless visits to East Africa, we can’t comprehend the scale of what’s on offer. In Tanzania’s Serengeti it’s not one wildebeest, it’s over one and half million, scattered as far as the naked eye can see in every direction.

There are plenty of exciting moments waiting for you.

Within this epic scale there’s a wonderful diversity. Every angle is different, every day brings new scenes, and every person will have a different experience on the same savannah. You’re spoilt for choice and for a first-time safari we like to recommend destinations that offer an array of experiences, with game drives complemented by a half-day walking safari, maybe a hot air balloon safari, along with night time drives or journeys by boat and horseback. Most luxury lodges & camps offer fully flexible programs that are personally tailored day to day, so you can try out different activities then adjust your itinerary to what you enjoy most.

Your first safari will be tailor-made for you.

Famous experiences are top of many people’s wish list, the great wildebeest migration, Ngorongoro Crater and the likes of Chimpanzee trekking or gorilla trekking and Pure beach Relaxations in Zanzibar and the Indian Oceans.

  1. Returning Guests

Our valuable returning guests are always open invitation without a reservation to their home away from home, they call it Africa and we call it home. 

Africa, as the great evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins says, is our-that is, humankind’s-first home. And as Isak Dinesen put it, “Africa soothes the homesick soul.’


Our Safari Expect or Product Manager can construct a trip to new places, or a return to an old favourite at your choice place, or any and all combinations. Bring the family this time, or make it an intimate couple’s gateway. 

Join one of our small Luxury-Group boutique safaris operate with the same deep dedication to service or join our private luxury Safaris, the word “no’ is seldom uttered – unless it is ‘no problem!’ Want to leave earlier… or later? Stay at a spot a little longer to catch the perfect photo? Watch the mother Cheetah finish her hunt? We have a schedule but ultimately since it is your private safari you are a boss and you decide.

  1. Celebration Anniversary?

A wedding anniversary, or retirement, a graduation, a college reunion, whatever milestone you want to mark, we’re ready to build a Bespoke Safari around it. 

What better way to celebrate the epic milestone of retirement than on safari in the great game lands of Africa? For so many of us safari is a too-long deferred dream, and we’ve delighted many, many times over the past half-century in planning and celebrating new retirees.

At another milestone on the age spectrum: The graduate deserves a reward and a look at the wider world. (And if you’ve helped put that graduate through school, you deserve a reward, too.)

It can be post-gradualtely focused on natural science or culture, or it can be a hearty idyll with no point except fun.

  1. Celebrate Romance 

Tanzania & Kenya safaris are known for starting – and rekindling -romances, and we’ve identified select destinations that provide couples with the best romantic safari holidays. Only in East Africa can you sleep in a bush camp surrounded by elephants and leopards one night and in a private villa on a pristine beach the next.

An East African safari honeymoon is an exciting yet tranquil & exotic adventure. This trip we will plan for you promises privacy, freedom, and of course, romance.

Safaris are an ideal choice for honeymoons and romantic excursions because of the wide range of activities and locations. Days can be spent at leisure on a beach or exploring the remote East African (Tanzania & Kenya) wilderness. Enjoy a private candlelight dinner under the endless Southern stars juts private for the two of you with your private battler chef. 

Let the incomparable beauty of Tanzania, Kenya and Indians Oceans inspire and enchant you.

  1. Family Travel 

Safari enchants the whole family. Imagine the thrill of seeing a huge elephant herd. Now imagine how it must feel if you’re seeing the same intimate scene through a child’s eyes.

Enjoy a tailor-made safari.

We don’t see it just as your family going on a traditional safari. Instead, we like to personally handcraft every holiday so it excites every generation. We know some excellent camps that run tailored children’s activities, such as bush survival or identifying and tracking animals. This takes place as you’re enjoying some downtime during the middle of the day, either side of some thrilling safari exploration.

We have plenty of family friendly lodges and camps.

For family safaris, private concessions and private game reserves provide an ideal base. 

The accommodation is intimate, yet expansive enough for your family to have their own space. Varied game viewing activities help keep the experience fresh. Wildlife is found close to the camp so you don’t need long bumpy game drives to get the best of safari.

So much of the experience is an adventure. Shining a torch for wildlife, visiting a hide to get a zebra close up, waking up to an elephant in the river below, or watching a traditional tribal dance at the camp.

A few tips.

We’d advice against lengthy overland safaris as the bumpy journeys between camps aren’t that appealing for children. Instead, consider three-night stays or two-night stays at different destinations. Our passion for Africa helps us recommend places that neatly complement each other and allow many ways for children to safely encounter wildlife.

We make certain that your children actually get to meet and have a glimpse of the lifestyle of the children of Africa. Whether stopping at a school or a local shop-having a guide escort you to his village where you not only meet the locals, but they meet you, invite you into their homes and ask you about home-this is all part of what makes your safari special and different.

Have your children learn how to track prints in the sand, or start the campfire with elephant dung-they can when truly visiting Tanzania & Kenya. When you arrive home, you can say that you have ‘seen’ Africa and met its people.

  1. Shopping Souvenir on Safaris

Arusha is lush and green and offers myriad glorious experiences to enjoy. Cherry pick your options, and soak up the wonderful ambiance and marvel at the creative entrepreneurial skills of the local people. A simply must do is a guided walk around one of Arusha’s coffee plantations, including a tour of the coffee tasting plant providing insight into the brewing process. Arabica and Robusta coffee are Tanzania’s largest export, and they have polished the art of coffee making to near perfection. Usually coffee plantations are beautifully scenic and these are no exception. This is due to the main crop being sheltered by grandiose trees making for some spectacular sights.

Tanzanite Experience tour.

Mined only in Tanzania, the beautiful blue December birthstone, known as tanzanite, is a unique souvenir of your East African adventure and a must-have in any jewellery lover’s collection. The Tanzanite Experience is a 1 to 2-hour tour that introduces the history of this magnificent mineral, including how it was discovered and first mined.

You will enjoy the opportunity to see for yourself how each gem is graded and cut and then spoil yourself by purchasing a genuine, certified tanzanite piece.

It is said that tanzanite is “1,000 times rarer than diamonds” and, found at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, is incredibly exclusive to Tanzania. Exhibiting magnificent blue and violet hues, tanzanite was first discovered in 1967. World famous New York jewellers “Tiffany & Co”, declared it “the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in 2,000 years”, and named it Tanzanite. A must have vibrant blue gem for your be jeweled trinket box.

Through a guided tour, visitors understand why Tanzanite is not only so rare and sought after, but also the complexities involved with its mining, the skills involved in cutting and polishing as well as enjoying the stories and myths surrounding the gemstone. 

Tanzanite Knowledge.

Know all the secrets, stores and processes this amazing blue gemstone went through to get to you.

Cultural Heritage Centre.

Cultural Heritage is a unique cultural center on the outskirts of Arusha. We have curio shops, a jewellery boutique, a tanzanite and precious stone counter, a restaurant, bargain Centre and outstanding commercial art gallery. We have a vast array of ornaments, jewellery, antiques and local crafts to cater for any budget. High quality clothing, textiles, accessories, books and spices can also be found onsite at One-way and the Spice Centre.

Our exquisite collection of precious and semi-precious stones – including rubies, emeralds, tsavorite, diamonds, sapphires and opals – is unrivalled across the continent. Of these our most highly treasured is tanzanite – a rare blue/violet stone found only in Tanzania, for which we have an international reputation. Purchase loose stones, select from our ranges of handmade jewellery or work with our jewellers and designers to create your own unique piece.

The only collection of its kind in the world, ranging from African antiques to contemporary painting and sculpture you will be dazzled by our assembly of art and artefacts. Find some of our collections in the central store or come and experience the Gallery; a breath-taking feat of engineering and artful display that will leave you awe-struck. Expert assistants are on hand to help you purchase art by emerging African artists or fascinating antiques form across the continent.

Our Restaurant has been catering for Arusha’s finest for 13 years and we prepare all of our food fresh to serve. Buffet or a la carte, with our selection of mouth-watering world foods – salads, homemade curries, traditional African dishes, french fries and humus, who would go anywhere else? 

House of Gems.

With over 30 years of experience working with the finest gemstones produced in East Africa, House of gems is at the forefront of Tanzania’s legitimate gemstone industry. Let us take you on a journey through the history of Arusha’s vibrant gemstone culture. From discovery of Tanzanite in the 60’s through the emergence of fantastic Tanzanian Tourmalines, Rubies, Sapphires and Garnets to name a few; our fantastic Gem Museum will give you an informative understanding of and a greater prospective on the gemology and geology behind the vast array of Gemstones produced in Tanzania.

Come and see these spectacular gemstones in their rough form, gain a perspective on the difficulties faced by small scale miners extracting them and learn the intricacies on fashioning these rough beauties into spectacular facetted jewels ready to be set in jewelry.

Our Showrooms.

Our Luxurious showroom features exquisite gem set jewelry and loose cut gems which includes top quality Tanzanite, Tsavorite and Spinel. We invite you to join us to indulge in our gems and jewelry collection with experts at your service. Enjoy and relax at our peaceful establishment in Arusha town.