A Letter from CEO & FOUNDER of Galloping Safaris Ltd

Our goal for your trip to Tanzania is simple. When you look back on your trip with us, your feelings are that your trip was Breathtaking, Unforgettable and Worry-Free. When Galloping Safaris was founded in 2013 our mission statement was simple: TREAT GUESTS LIKE FAMILY and CREATE AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. For us that means anticipating your wants and needs as well as handling a multitude of details… part of our “secret” to making our tours care free and wonderful for our Guests.

We provide luxury Safari and Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours. Because we are local, with no middleman between our guests and ourselves, we can provide a luxury Private Tour for approximately the same cost that large international tour companies charge for group tours. You save money because there is no middleman markup.

We offer suggested itineraries, but ultimately this is your private luxury tour, so we customize your trip for you. You choose the exact dates and experience you want. Want to arrive on Monday instead of Saturday? Want a day of Golfing in Tanzania? A nine day tour instead of a ten-day tour? Leave a little earlier one day? Or maybe sleep in? Stay a little longer in a spot to get that perfect photo? Have a spontaneous request? It is your Private Tour – so you can have it your way!

We want to amaze and delight you. Make you feel like our only guest.

 During my time volunteering with the wildlife and conservation research station in the Serengeti my colleagues nicknamed me “Bwana Game!” (Swahili for “one who loves the game drive”). I do love the wildlife, our national parks and wild lands in Tanzania and I am passionate about sharing my love and knowledge with our guests.

I sincerely believe that every travel experience should be as unique as a zebra’s stripes. We get to know every client – their individual interests, hopes, expectations and budget – so that we can craft a safari adventure that they will never forget.

I invite you to an amazing, breathtaking experience in Tanzania by allowing us to guide you every step of the way. You sit back and relax and simply enjoy each moment to the fullest, while we take care of the rest.


Walter Tenga

CEO & FOUNDER, Galloping Safaris Ltd.

Karibu Tanzania, Tanzania Unforgettable!