The Galloping Safari Advantages

Travel “Your Way” with Galloping Safaris

You choose your experience. A Luxury Private Safari and/or summit of Mount Kilimanjaro custom designed from top to bottom according to your schedule and interests.  Because this is your private tour if you want to do something out of the box – for example fly to Rwanda for a few days to see the Silverback Gorillas- we can arrange it.  Let’s talk about your interests and build the trip to fit you.

Best Itineraries. Brilliantly crafted suggested itineraries are the culmination of generations of safari experience complemented by present-day knowledge.  Customized for you based upon your interests and schedule.  Including in-country flights to provide more time on Safari.

A Luxury Private Tour for the Same Cost as a Group Tour with the Big Operators.  We are able to provide a much better deal on your Safari because we are the tour providers.  The large international tour providers with big marketing budgets, a large staff and international offices are not Safari and climbing companies. They are generally middlemen who sell a trip that is provided by local operators.  They mark up the trip substantially to cover their overhead and profit.  The bottom line is that we can provide a Private Luxury Safari for approximately the same amount of money they charge for a group tour.

Independence. We’re uniquely able to include only the more consistency best and most desirable camps and lodges.  Few travelers realize that many safari operators have a stake in the hotels and lodges they direct guests to.  They will steer you to what works for them.  We have no stake in any camps or lodges, so we can take you to the ideal place…for you.


We are Here on the Ground for You – Literally.  We are based in Arusha and if there is any problem on your tour – disabled vehicle, unexpected illness, or emergency we are on the ground to address it.  We do what we need to do in order to take care of our guests.  Many of the large international tour operators you have likely heard of are not based here.  They may have an administrative person in an office, but they are ultimately marketing companies that market tours and then hire local guides to provide the tour. They have limited control and if there are issues, they do not have a principal on the ground to do whatever is necessary to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

A word you’ll Seldom Hear: No – Our Small Luxury- Group boutique safaris operate with the same deep dedication to service as our private luxury Safaris: the word “no” is seldom uttered – unless it is “no problem!”  Want to leave earlier…or later?  Stay at a spot a little longer to catch the perfect photo?  Watch the mother Cheetah finish her hunt?  We have a schedule but ultimately since it is your private safari you decide.

VIP Visa Service. Skip the long lines at the airport. Our VIP Tanzania & Kenya Visa services make your arrival to East Africa easy and efficient.

Five-Star Accommodations. Our opulent lodging options are designed to drop the jaws of even the most discerning world travelers. Turn your fantasy into a reality in these dream hideaways that offer unexpected luxury in the middle of the raw African wilderness.

Private Safari Vehicles. No mixed groups and no competing views with strangers. You’ll enjoy the exclusive use of a special outfitted 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Cruiser with no mileage restrictions and unlimited game drives.

Signature “Fly In – Drive Out’ Itineraries. The best way to begin your safari is to skip long vehicle transfers and instead take a short flight into the middle of the action – right away! On your very first day on safari, we will fly you into the majestic endless plains of Serengeti to witness this famous park’s teeming wildlife firsthand to see more actions.

Flexible Travel & personalized Experience. Set your own agenda (with our help). No need to adhere to the rigid itineraries and fixed timetables of other guests. You are in complete control of when where and how long you game drive, what animals you look for, how long you stay at each sighting and when you return – it’s all up to you.