Outstanding Safari Guides Trained in Animal Behavior.

We employ 10 professional drivers – guides with an average experience of 15 years. We have very high standards when it comes to hiring and retaining personnel.  We can say without reservation that these individuals are quite simply the most knowledgeable, hard-working and passionate guides in the industry. All of our guides are local Tanzanians, fluent in English, and most have advanced wildlife certificates from the Mweka Wildlife College – the oldest and most prestigious wildlife college in Africa. Course work includes wildlife ecology, conservation, field skills, identification, biology, and advanced tour guiding.

We conduct formal in-house training twice a year to continuously upgrade the knowledge & skills of our guides and to foster enthusiasm and interest in our work. All our guides have trained in wildlife management. They learn the behaviors & habitats of the wildlife in Tanzania. Our in-house training includes large mammal behavior, botany, as well as study of amphibians and birds. We also have in-house communications skills training aimed to enhance communication between our guides and guests. Our guides do not smoke or consume alcohol.

Our 4X4 Vehicles are Best in Class.

We maintain a fleet of custom built 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Cruisers. These rugged, dependable and comfortable vehicles provide you maximum flexibility, safety, comfort, and wildlife-viewing opportunities. Our vehicles are customized, with oversized windows; raise able fiberglass roofs, air conditioning, refrigerators, WIFI and charging ports. Our raise able top allows you to view wildlife with the fewest imposed constraints and in the most open and raw format possible. And if it is rainy, dusty or not safe, the top can be lowered into place in just a few moments. Because it is your private safari you are assured of a window seat, directly under a pop-up roof. No need to compete with guests on a group tour for the seat you want.

Unlimited Use. Your private safari includes exclusive use of this vehicle with no mileage restrictions and unlimited game drives for the duration of your Safari.

We Stock our Safari Vehicles with Every Luxury. Our Experience has taught us what makes an exceedingly comfortable, even luxuriously stocked safari vehicle. You will enjoy cool beverages and snacks, binoculars, flora and fauna guide books, lap blankets for chilly mornings and evenings, a pit-stop kit, plus beanbags for stabilizing long lenses. Use of all the amenities is complimentary.