Ethical Treatment Of Kilimanjaro Porters

Without them, your trek wouldn’t be possible.

Porters carry the majority of guest belongings and set up and break down each campsite. They are integral to every trip we run, and we deeply respect everything they do for our guests.

Unfortunately, poor treatment of porters is an epidemic on the mountain, where they’re regularly exploited by budget climbing outfits.

Galloping treats Kilimanjaro porters better:

We are member of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP).

Signature provides one of the highest porter compensation packages in Tanzania.

With Galloping, porters earn top wages, bonuses, comprehensive benefits, medical care, advanced training, and additional educational opportunities.

Full wages are guaranteed, even if porters must descend early.

Galloping porters earn bonuses for each pound of trash left by other companies that they carry off the mountain.

Porters are provided with professional-grade all-weather uniforms.

Thomson ensures every porter has a hat, gloves, proper footwear, warm layers, and mountaineering glasses.

Porters are provided with mountaineering tents and closed-cell foam sleeping pads, as well as all meals on the mountain.