Galloping Safaris and COVID Safety

We at Galloping Safaris faced the Global Pandemic in 2020 was an anomaly in many ways, most due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From March through June 2020, NO TRAVELERS arrived in Tanzania for tourism. This was the first time ever in over 50 Years that there were NO Photographic Tourist and Climbers on Kilimanjaro.

Tour operators all over Tanzania encountered a difficult time and financial hardship. Some struggled to pay running cost of office space, while many could not afford to maintain the salaries of their employees.

During this time, Galloping Safaris had one main priority, to save out team. Meaning, we aimed to not let go a single member of staff because because we recognized that while business was struggling, individuals were facing economic difficulties, too and this good team of staff has the families and children’s to take care of and we work hard to maintain and support them financially the best we could for them to survivor and we pass together through this difficult time and everybody were happy for the good gesture and support from the Company.

We are proud to say we did not reduce even a single member of our team, and have kept all of our managers, mountain guides, safari guides, drivers, cooks and other specialists.

Tanzania is Safe to Travel during the Pandemic

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, international travel is slowly resuming across the globe. Unfortunately, some countries are still unpredictable for tourists, places like France, Spain, Australia, Germany, UK and Italy are constantly changing entry requirements, allowing or denying entry to citizens of different countries.

Borders open and close with little notice, and could leave travelers stranded due to government changes. For many, there is quite a risk involved in booking a trip that be cancelled at the last moment.

Further, the risks of contracting coronavirus (and especially its new strains) have not been eliminated. Traveling to large, congested cities or staying in a foreign country present new challenges that many travelers didn’t consider before.

One national has taken a very different approach that Europe, and even the rest of the world: that is TANZANIA Unforgettable. 


Vaccination of the Galloping Safaris team.

Fortunately, the worst part of the pandemic is over. Flights are no longer being canceled with little notice and travelers have returned to Tanzania.

Most of all, we do not want this story to repeat itself again, so we are doing everything in our power and capacity to reduce the risks and protect our staff, and also our future guests.

Picture of staffs and TATO

From July 20th to August 08th, 2021 Galloping Safaris carried out vaccinations for all employees. Everyone from CEO, managers, drivers, mountains and safari guides, chefs, and all team members received the Johnson and Johnson Jansen Vaccine, which provides reliable protection after the first dose.

Our President Her Excellence Samia Suluhu Hassan, Vice President His Excellence Dr. Philip Isdory Mpango, Prime Minister H.E Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa and other top Government’s officials, Ministers, Speaker of National Assembly and other fellow Tanzania received the Johnson and Johnson Jansen Vaccine, which provides reliable protection after the first dose.


If you have concerns about traveling to Tanzania at this time, whether due to travel restrictions, health risks or other reasons, please feel free to contact us and learn more about our procedures and approaches to keep you safe as we always do for customers who visited this beautiful country this year, and our flexible Covid Cancellations guarantees.