Safari Experience & Activities.

At Galloping Safaris Ltd., we have a lifetime of experience and we are determined to use it to give you… the experience of a lifetime. Most of our travelers want to get off the beaten track and explore and we have the expertise and experience to make that happen. Our drivers and guides are focused on trying to find something unique, something special, and something unforgettable for all our travelers. But above all, our experiences are authentic.


  1. Encounters with the Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda

Visiting Rwanda, ‘the land of a thousand hills, ‘is one of the great wildlife adventures on the planet. This absolutely stunning nation holds the soaring peaks of the Virunga Mountains, the sparkling waters of Lake Kivu, the verdant forest of Nyungwe, and the plains of Akagera in her borders. They are all breathtaking in their own way, but they pale in comparison to the effervescence and spirit of the Rwandese people themselves.

Secrets and Tips from our Experts.

  • Volcanoes National Park is 3 hours from Kigali on excellent roads, and the advent of helicopter transfers between regions can really allow full access to this country in under a week.
  • Serious photographers should do two hikes, one to take pictures and one to enjoy just the gorillas.
  • The genocide memorials at Nyamata and Ntarama are moving additions to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.
  • Think of the $1500 USD Per person gorilla permit fees as a donation to conservation.
  • If you have the time, spending a day experiencing a local village will be a positive, enlightening experience you’ll never forget.

When to visit Rwanda?

Rwanda is truly a year-round destination. The ideal time to visit is during the dry seasons of June to mid-September or December to February. The dry season has light cloud coverage which helps to regulate the temperatures, although you may experience some rain. March to May is Rwanda’s long rainy season which can make for a wet gorilla trek, however rain is always a possibility, regardless of season, while trekking in Volcanoes or Nyungwe.



How much should I budget for a trip to Rwanda?        $$$$$

Rwanda: Luxury & Private Safaris

Rwanda is not a budget destination, as accommodation options are much better for travelers using the luxury lodge options. For those on a budget they still must pay $1,500 per person per gorilla trek which sets a certain minimum cost for any Rwanda itinerary that includes the gorillas.

Transportation within Rwanda is also more costly than some other nearby countries, and luxury lodges may charge upwards of $1,500 per person per night for their excellent service, dining, locations and accommodation.

  1. Encounter wild Chimpanzees and the red colobus monkey

Mahale Mountains National park is stunning. Thickly-forest mountains tumble down towards the turquoise lake waters, which lap against white sandy coves hidden from the world. We love how the sailing and snorkeling trips along Lake Tanganyika showcase the diaphanous beauty of the landscape, the rare combination of colours spilling across every panorama. 

Enjoy an exclusive experience.

These mountains are remote and a sense of exclusivity comes naturally, especially at Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge. Just getting out here is part of the adventure, and we’d highly recommend coming here by light aircraft rather than the very long journey by road. There are no roads in the park, so from the airstrip you travel by boat to the lodges. Upon arrival, it would be easy to kick off the shoes, remove the watch, and lose yourself in the serenity.

The Essence of chimpanzee trekking.

But don’t get too comfortable as the Mahale Mountains are an excellent place to track wild chimpanzees. A large habituated troop provides cherished encounters, infants skipping above your head and 40 or 50 chimps filling the trees in front of you.

Time seems to stand still during the hour you get with these special primates. Allow a couple of days as it’s not guaranteed to see the chimpanzees on every trek, we’ve found that the June to November dry months are best as the chimps are closer to the lake and easier to spot in the thinner undergrowth. The long rains of March to May are best avoided.

When not spotting chimps or snoozing the afternoon away, you can kayak to hippos and crocodiles, fish in the lake, sail at sunset, or cast your eyes on a wonderful succession of colourful birds.

  1. Helicopter Scenic Safaris 

Our award-winning Airbus h125 helicopter outclasses all other single-engine helicopter for high-performance in hot and high conditions, fully equipped with dual hydraulics, enhanced safety VEMD systems and satellite tracking. With ample legroom and a comfortable ride, the H125 has left and right-hand sliding doors and capacity for up to four adults, or two adults and three children. ‘Luggage restrictions may apply.

Helicopter Mt Kilimanjaro Scenic (1 Hour excursion).

The Kilimanjaro helicopter tour starts from Moshi or Arusha Airport. Taking off, the pilot will point the helicopter to the East, making a flight over the city. During your flight, you will be able to see all the climbing routes to Kilimanjaro while skirting the mountain range. 

You will also fly over to Lake Chala which is the largest tectonic lake in the Kilimanjaro area and you will find yourself on the edge of the crater to see the wonderful views of the tropical forest and the lake.

$ 3,500 USD Nett cost based on four adults, or two adults and three children.

Lake Natron Scenic (3 Hours excursion.

Wind through the Great Rift Valley toward one of Tanzania’s most spectacular natural phenomena, the red volcanic waters of Lake Natron, stopping for lunch and refreshments along the way. Fly over Ol Doinyo Lengai – an active volcano, and sacred “mountain of God’ to the Masaai tribe – and look down into the molten black lava below. Journey past the famous Ngorongoro Crater, before dropping down a steep escarpment and skimming over the shimmering waters of Lake Eyasi. Top off your adventure with a refreshing dip at a secluded waterfall or gorgeous natural spring

$ 10,000 USD Nett cost based on four adults, or two adults and three children.

The Great Rift Valley (1.5 Hours excursion).

Explore Mwiba’s 129,539-acre private wildlife concession, lush with freshwater springs, sparling waterfalls and a diverse array of wildlife, on a morning or afternoon scenic adventure. Head east over the Burunge Wildlife Management Area and down the escarpment for dramatic views of one of the oldest geological wonders of the world, the Great East African Valley.

Explore a chain of caustic soda lakes, home of vast flocks of pelicans and flamingos, and look out for ancient Baobab trees before landing atop the escarpment for refreshments overlooking the ancient landscape.

$ 5,000 USD Nett cost based on four adults, or two adults and three children.

Southern Serengeti Scenic (2 hours excursion).

Choose a morning or afternoon scenic flight to view the Southern Serengeti from a new perspective. Scout for wildlife from above and stop for coffee atop a beautiful ‘koppie’ with unrivalled views of the rolling savannah landscape. Then head south over the lush Mwiba conservancy and east towards the great Rift Valley, plunging 3,000 feet toward Lake Eyasi. Swoop low over the mirror-like surface of the soda lake reflecting pink with thousands of flamingos before toasting to your day’s adventure with a delicious bunch or dazzling sundowners on top of the escarpment

$ 6,000 USD Nett cost based on four adults, or two adults and three children.

  1. Walking Safaris 

Tarangire Walking Safaris.

Encounter big game on foot including giraffes and elephants on one of many walking safaris throughout Tarangire National Park. One of the highlights of any Tarangire walking safari is the opportunity to see the rare and beautiful lesser kudu antelope. Kudus are notoriously shy and will quickly hide at the sound of an approaching vehicle. 

Walking safaris throughout Tarangire yield frequent sightings of this elegant antelope as one quietly traverses the thick bush habitat where they reside. Walking safaris in Tarangire may be conducted year-round from Tarangire Treetops Lodge, Nimali Tarangire Camp or Sanctuary Swala Camp, each respective lodge has in house guides that we can arrange to lead a walking safari should you be interested. The Tarangire walks are highly recommended and make a great way to conclude any safari.

Lake Ndutu Nature Walks.

Explore the shorelines of Lake Ndutu in the South Serengeti on a scenic nature walk. This nature walk is highly recommended during the green season from December through April. Lake Ndutu plays host to not only thousands of flamingoes during the green season but also the Great migration.

Empakai Crater Hike.

This adventurous walk is a full day’s hike to the floor of Empakai Crater, which is nearly 4 miles wide. The steep walls of the caldera soar above the crater floor approximately 1,000 feet. A trail into the crater leads from the eastern rim down through the forest to Empakaai’s floor and the lake, which is sometimes home to flamingos.

A Caved in volcanic caldera, Empakai Crater stands at 300 meters in height and more than six kilometers in width. Rippling at its heart is Empakai Lake, an 85-meter-deep alkaline pool that envelops three quarters of the crater’s floor. Standing at Empakai Crater’s imposing rim, you can see landmarks, such as the distant fleecy snows of Kilimanjaro far on the eastern side of the Valley, the Great Rift Valley, and Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano.

Be on the lookout for buffalo, blue monkeys and the rare bushbuck as you descend down through the lush green forest. Beautiful and colorful birds such as turacos and sunbirds are also be seen in the forest. Two nights at any lodge or camp on the rim of the Crater are required in order to facilitate this full day hike.

Mara River Nature Walk.

View hippos and crocodiles on a 30-minute nature walk the banks of the Mara River in the remote reaches of the Northern Serengeti. Short but sweet, this walk provides an opportunity for great game viewing on foot while surrounded by one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the Serengeti. With a little luck you mighty just witness the famous wildebeest crossing.

Wogakuria Walking Safaris.

Explore the scenic and remote Wogakuria area of the North Serengeti on a proper walking safari from either Serengeti Bush Tops Camp, Nimali Mara Camp or Lemala kuria Hills Tented Lodge

These 2 -3-hour walking safaris are led by naturalist along with armed park rangers and explore the varied habitats of Wogakuria. Either walking safari is highly recommended during the dry season is staying at Serengeti Bush Tops Camp or Lemala Kuria Hills Tented Lodge.

Olduvai George and Shifting Sands Walks.

Visit the world-famous archaeological site of Olduvai George, also known as the Cradle of Mankind. The earliest remains of homo sapiens were discovered here by Mary Leaky and anyone with an interest in mankind’s ancestors will be fascinated by this extraordinary place. Explore the quaint little museum and marvel at the rugged landscape. This paleoanthropological site in the eastern Serengeti Plain is a steep-sided ravine composed of two branches that have a combined length of about 48 km are 90 meters deep. Deposits exposed in the sides of the gorge cover have yielded a treasure trove of fossil remains.

Move on to the Shifting Sands, a remarkable dune of volcanic ash appearing completely out of place on the short grassy plains.

Constantly on the move, the dune drifts slowly across the landscape at the mercy of the prevailing winds. Intriguing and utterly fascinating phenomena, these crescent-shapes dunes, created from volcanic ash, are formed when there’s ample dust on the ground and a unidirectional wind to create the shifting effect. Clustering around a rock, the volcanic ash continually gathers and forms what appears to be a small sand dune.

  1. Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Each day at dawn over the African Serengeti Plains, a fortunate few enjoy this ultimate and luxury hot air balloon safaris experience. An exclusive hot air balloon animals’ safari over the Serengeti plains, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the awe-inspiring landscape, offering exceptional opportunities for taking stunning animals’ photos and possible big five pictures. It includes a pre-dawn collection for these luxury safaris from your luxury African game lodge to the hot air balloon launch site near Masai Kopjes. Here you will meet your hot air balloon pilot, receive a briefing and watch the inflation of the hot air balloon. This is the only time you will be allowed to move about the Serengeti during the hours of darkness and you may just glimpse some nocturnal animals, unusual sights and the possibility to take some very unique animals pictures and photos.

Hot-air-balloon-safaris-Tanzania six Serengeti hot air balloons, capable of carrying 12 passengers each, fly once every day. At dawn they take off, rising as the African sun rises and floating in whichever direction the wind of the morning takes them. The pilot can control the altitude of the hot air balloon: sometimes taking you up to 1,000-foot altitude for a breathtaking panoramic view of the Serengeti plains or flying at treetop height, offering a unique perspective and great pictures and photos of the Serengeti wildlife animals below. More often than not, the early part of the flight is along the course of the Seronera River, an ideal location to get pictures and photos of some animals taking an early morning drink. Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, hippo, cheetah, vultures, eagles, wildebeest, zebra, baboon, warthog, monkey, giraffe and pictures and photos of many other animals’ species is possible. The hot air balloon pilot will help you spot and identify the animals below.

From time to time, the pilot will need to put more heat into the giant hot air balloon, and there is a gentle roar from the burners, which for obvious reason provides the opportunity for stunning pictures and photos. Between burns there are periods of peaceful silence as you drift onwards. The whole trip is one long Serengeti pictures photos opportunity. You are travelling on a totally stable vibration-free platform with a unique perspective and nothing to block your view, which will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to take absolute unique and great animals pictures and photos.

All good things have to come to an end and your pilot will let you know when it is time to put away the cameras and crouch down in the landing position. Once everyone is out of the hot air balloon, the cork is popped and the chilled champagne is poured for a toast on this unique African safari experience and some pictures and photos to remember this great experience by.

After the champagne, it is off to the breakfast table, which will have been set up under a fine umbrella tree selected by the crew, close to the landing spot. Serving a full, cooked English breakfast with some tropical additions, “Out of Africa” style – a fine spread served on bone china with silver cutlery and crystal glasses.

Enjoy the food, the African Serengeti scenery and your companions’ company. You’ll receive your Serengeti Hot Air Balloon certificate before being driven back to your luxury safari Lodge or campsite, viewing game animals en-route. You’ll still have most of the day ahead for game drives.

  1. Meeting the Village Elders in Ngorongoro & Serengeti.

The essence of the Maasai cultural visit. An adventure to the Serengeti wouldn’t be complete without meeting the enchanting Maasai. This wonderful cultural excursion will immerse you in the fascinating ancestry of these noble people. At the Maasai village playing host to your tour, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Maasai family, visit a traditional boma, the village huts (called Manyatta), made of cow dung and clay plastered over stick frames, and perhaps venture to a local school or clinic. If you would like to extend your half-day adventure, and turn it into a full-day’s exploration, you can experience a day in the life of a young Maasai or, for an authentic interaction, watch a bloodletting ceremony. It is an extraordinary reality how the Maasai people live in the heart of the bush, with warthogs foraging and elephants trumpeting just on their periphery.

The most famous of Africa’s people, these fierce warriors are still practicing their ancestral way of life and are known for their pastoral traditions, living off their herds of cattle, sheep, goats, and donkeys. Since time immemorial the Maasai moved nomadically in search of water and pasture for their herds. Today they have established permanent settlements, and many of the Maasai do not roam. They still exist on a diet of milk, blood, and meat; however, it is becoming very common place to supplement their diet with grain. The few Maasai left today still coexist collectively with the profuse wildlife.

The essence of a cultural visit to the Hadzabe bushmen.

Spend the day with the Hadzabe people, ancient hunter-gatherers who inhabit the land near Lake Eyasi, a gorgeous soda lake that’s part of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, and witness their unchanged, traditional way of life and harmony with the earth. Accompanied throughout by an &BEYOND ranger, guests have the opportunity to engage with the Bushmen and learn all about their time-honored hunting techniques, survival skills, food preparation and cultural norms. A veritable step back in time, this is an undeniably authentic cultural journey into rural Tanzania that reveals the untold world of these charismatic people.

Amongst the world’s last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes inhabiting the scrubby bushland, Hadzabe men search for food alone, and return home with golden honey, sweet fruit, or hearty wild game when, and if available. Women go out in large groups and forage for bright berries, baobab fruit, and tubers, depending on availability. In the rainy, wet season, sweet honey is the main staple of their diet along with colourful fruit, tubers, and sometimes meat.

Adjusting their diets to the seasons this tribe are incredibly skilled, selective and opportunistic seekers and searchers. They have only themselves to rely on to feed their families and tribe. 

  1. V.I.P Private Jet Tour to Tanzania

Join Galloping Safaris on the ultimate luxury adventure by private jet, experiencing the finest in insider access, as well as fine dining and exclusive cultural events arranged by our local experts throughout the world. Travel with a small group of 50 like-minded guests along with a staff of expert tour managers, jetting from one destination to the next on a privately chartered Boeing 757 equipped with first-class, fully lie-flat seats.

Enjoy action-packed days filled with iconic sites, remote places, and engaging activities that allow you to experience firsthand the people and customs of each country.

Aircraft: Boeing 757

The only way to see so many world highlights in one journey is by private jet. Our private jet experience ensures that you will travel in comfort and style, landing close to destinations so you can spend more time exploring.

Your highly personalized private jet journey includes:

– Schedules that fly direct and land close to our destinations   with expedited service through airport security whenever possible.

– Seating for up to 80 guests in two-by-two, VIP-style leather seats so you can relax in comfort and style.

– IPads loaded with itineraries and other helpful trip-related information that are yours to keep.

– Bose noise-canceling headphones.

– In-flight lectures and presentations from our seasoned experts.

– VIP luggage service. Our staff takes care of your bags throughout the entire journey.

Book Your Private Jet and Charter Today

Luxury Private Jet Charter for East Africa and Beyond


Our team will work with you to customize a first-class itinerary with complete door-to-door services including ground transfers, in-flight services, catering, on-board special requests, ground handling and so on.


Our booking agents are acutely familiar with aircraft capabilities, such as range, passenger limits, cargo capacity, runway requirements and other details that ensure your unique travel needs are met as you travel to remote locations and/or smaller airports throughout Africa.


Each and every aircraft and charter flight crew member offered through Premium Charter Service is subject to extensive screening. Our private jet charter business takes every precaution with each and every one of our charter flights, pilots and


Luxury is redefined on each OC JET flight.

We spare no effort to ensure that every detail is tended to, and your passengers experience a voyage like no other!

Services Include:


Onboard entertainment

VIP services


  1. Horse riding & Camel back 

Kaskazi Horse Safaris is a privately guided horseback operation in Northern Tanzania. Due to the owner’s many years of experience within the Safari industry, Kaskazi designs unforgettable horse-riding safaris all over Tanzania.

Each safari is led by qualified & professionally trained guides, always pushing for a new and exhilarating adventure. Whether you would like to unfold Africa’s beauty by horseback or by foot, Kaskazi will share its enthusiasm and tell stories that will travel generations. The routes are off the beaten track, we go deep into the bush and together enjoy the wonders that Africa has to offer, the magnificent wildlife, the scenery and the magical interaction with the local tribes who inhabit these areas. All this viewed from what back in the days also used to roam wild, the horse.


Serengeti Migration Ride 

Serengeti, the land that runs forever…

Ride with the biggest mammal migration on earth, the world-famous wildebeest migration.

Day-By-Day Itinerary       Book Now.

Natron Migration Ride

A mind-blowing sight with millions of breeding flamingoes…

Here it is the landscape rather than the animals that is the attraction -­‐‑ the area around the lake is dry, desolate and hauntingly beautiful 

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Kilimanjaro Elephant Ride

In the footsteps of the greatest mammal on earth, the elephant…

This is a big game horse ride! 

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Arusha National Park Ride

In the footstep of the Iron Lady, Margarete Trappe.

On the ride we follow Margarete’s old hidden pathways through the bush where this legendary lady rode on her two loyal thoroughbred mounts, always accompanied by her two Alsatians. 

Day-By-Day Itinerary       Book Now.

Wildlife Day Ride

The ride takes place on Dolly Estate and whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider, there is an opportunity and experience for everyone.

Those with little riding experience can enjoy a gentle hack along dusty tracks where wildebeest and antelopes graze contentedly. 2-hour ride, catering for all riding abilities

Led by experienced guides, one can explore the meandering paths, spotting a rich array of wildlife along your way. 

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Specialized on Camel riding, Mkuru Camel safaris are among the most fascinating adventures in Northern Tanzania. The Camel Safaris are organized from the camel camp located in Mkuru Maasai village; from a few hours to a week-long expedition to Oldoinyo Lengai, Ngorongoro highland and Lake Natron. A trip on a camel back through the Maasai land is magical, visitors get a great chance to experience wildlife, Maasai people ‘day to day life’ and the beautiful scenery

  1. Zanzibar Islands & The Indian Oceans.

(Watersports, Fishing, Diving and Snorkeling).

The magical tropical spice island of Zanzibar! An ideal addition to any Safari Holiday in Tanzania. A welcome easy getaway for families or ideal for a romantic break or honeymoon paradise! Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania. There are numerous islands that make up the Archipelago but Zanzibar is the biggest and most widely used by visitors. Mafia Island, Pemba Island and Mnemba Island are becoming part of an adventurous travelers’ itinerary, but these islands are still relatively unknown.

Stone town is a World Heritage Site and a wonderful maze of tiny alleyways, multiple colors, cultural interactions, cobbled streets, beautiful historical buildings, an explorer’s paradise. Stone town is the gateway to the island. The Zanzibar airport is located here and many of the tours and activities on the island depart from here.

Zanzibar accommodation has something for everyone – Including those looking for that historical spice Island Sultan of Zanzibar experience.

For Zanzibar luxury tropical island paradise andBeyond operates a beautiful lodge on Mnemba Island. 10 simple palms fronted bandas offer an exclusive experience on this white sandy private island. Blue Bay Resort & Spa offer an ideal family getaway. With plenty of activities, a private beach and Indian Ocean access.

The ocean is peppered with traditional dhows and the beaches dotted with locals going about their daily routines. You can be a part of the Zanzibar action or enjoy the privacy of your retreat. Diving and snorkeling is an excellent activity and the Mnemba Atol provides some beautiful sites. There is nothing quite like sipping on your cocktail and watching the red Africa sun set on the horizon from the comfort of a local dhow. Zanzibar generally has a warm climate year-round but for the best time to visit, chat to our consultants.

Spice Island tour

Follow the scent of spices like vanilla, cloves, turmeric, nutmeg and cinnamon, as you drive through the lush greenery of the island’s spice growing areas. Thrown into this heady mix, are those areas where a variety of intriguing plants and shrubs including the iodine plant, henna bush, ylang ylang, and the red fruit of the lipstick tree are grown for medicinal purposes and cosmetics. Your senses will be tantalized by the sight, smell, and taste of an exotic cocktail of tropical seasonal fruits, such as green coconut juice, jack fruit, pineapple, banana, and love apple.

The tour also includes a visit to:

The ancient Kidichi Persian Baths, built in 1850 by the first Sultan of Zanzibar, Sultan Seyyid Said. They were created for his beloved Persian wife, Princess Scheherezade, granddaughter of the Shah of Persia.

The fascinating Maruhubi Palace ruins, once home to 99 of the concubines of the third Sultan of Zanzibar, Seyyid Barghash.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

Zanzibar’s South East Coast is bordered by a reef which has great diving spots for those watersport enthusiasts looking to experience Zanzibar from below. 

We are partnered with Buccaneers Diving, where scuba diving can be enjoyed directly in front of Xanadu, up north around the beautiful Mnemba Island or the southern region of the island in Kizimkazi. Snorkel at the best snorkeling spots in Zanzibar. 

Whether it is the atoll of Mnemba or Blue Lagoon just up the beach from Xanadu: snorkel fans get their full experience in Zanzibar.

Thanda Private Island

A magical place of incomparable experiences.

Thanda Island started with a dream to find a small, remote, uninhabited Tropical Island off the coast of East Africa. Today, it is one of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, a paradise for you to enjoy in complete privacy with family and friends. A secluded island with a single luxurious villa and two traditional Bandas (beach chalets) in the Indian Ocean,

off the east coast of Tanzania. Situated in your own marine reserve, you can swim with the gentlest giant of the ocean, the whale shark, and watch sea turtles nesting. Here, you can rest, rejuvenate and enjoy adventure sports in a world where shades of turquoise infuse your days and tropical spices your nights.


The Thanda Island Villa is a private and secluded retreat creating the ultimate island living experience. As you step off the helicopter or boat, the villa is right there, exclusively yours to enjoy. It’s your home, with a paradise-inspired living area and five exquisite bedroom suites that lead directly onto the beach. On the other side of the Island, the additional Bandas or Beach Chalets, also for your exclusive use, are built on the warm silken sands and offer a very traditional Tanzanian experience.


Infuse your being with the warmth of the sunshine, the glitter on the water and the character of the people. Swim with the gentle whale shark; dive in the largest marine protected reserve in the Indian Ocean; ride the trade winds on a traditional Arab dhow; explore the region in our 1930s classic cruise yacht; indulge in a Swahili or Arabian feast; have a massage or copper bath on the beach.

Locations and Access

Thanda Island is located in the Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve, between the mainland of Tanzania and Mafia Island. To get to Thanda Island, international guests fly directly into Dar es Salaam, where the Thanda Island team will meet you and accompany you through customs, ensuring a smooth, quick entry into this beautiful country. From Dar es Salaam, you can either go directly to the Island by helicopter, or fly to Mafia Island by fixed-wing plane, from where you can reach the Island by boat. 

Exclusive use of Thanda Island with its dedicated team of staff members is offered at a rate of $ 25 000 per night for a minimum of five nights. The Villa accommodates ten adults in five suites, with two traditional Tanzanian Bandas (double-story beach chalets) for up to eight guests as additional accommodation.

  1. Honeymoons & Weddings 

There are many reasons why East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya & Zanzibar) is such an Awesome Honeymoon Destination.

The memorable nature of a wildlife safari makes the adventure together so special, whilst there is still the opportunity to relax on idyllic beaches afterwards (or before) and indulge in a little luxury and pampering throughout. The ‘safari and beach’ formula does offer many couples the perfect balance between adventure and relaxations.

There are a few more subtle reasons why East Africa is so popular for honeymoons and weddings.

  1. Firstly, the level of personal service provided in many safari camps is second-to-none. 

Provided you choose your safari correctly, you can expert wonderful service, with camp managers and local staff genuinely caring about you and your stay. For a honeymoon safari this is important (private dinners etc.) but for a “bush wedding’ it is absolutely crucial. If you wish to enjoy good, friendly service and be made to feel “special,’ there is nowhere better to go than a well-run, intimate safari camp.

  1. Secondly, you do not need to sacrifice too much comfort in order to experience ‘the real thing.’ 

For couples looking for an authentic bush experience, without being too adventurous, there are many suitable options to consider. Great food and service, hot showers, cold drinks, flush toilets and comfortable beds are all available without sacrificing on the wildlife viewing or overall ‘bush experience.’ If you are seeking genuine luxury on safari, suitable options do exist, however we would encourage you not to limit yourself to purely those options, as a great safari is determined by much more than just luxury.

  1. Thirdly, whilst East Africa is adventurous and you may need to take malaria tables and have 

inoculations, much of safari East Africa is very comfortable to visit. It is only occasionally ‘unbearably hot’ much of safari East Africa is very comfortable to visit. It is only occasionally ‘unbearably hot’, and insects and bugs are not nearly as significant as they can be elsewhere in the world. Internal travel is reliable and travel distances are rarely too great. It is entirely possible for couples with no previous ‘adventure travel experience’ to venture on safari and thoroughly enjoy the whole experience.

  1. Lastly, the people you meet will add to your whole experience. You may feel that a 

honeymoon or wedding ‘abroad’ is all about privacy and exclusivity, which of course it can be. However, whilst you will have all the personal space and privacy you require, you will also be hosted by exceptional people. In particular, your guides play a very important role in the success of your adventure, and really can add to your experience. Even if you do not plan to be especially social, the personal and intimate atmosphere of safari camps, can really add ‘warmth’ to your trip.

In order to make sure your trip is perfect is every way, you need 100% accurate and impartial advice on all aspects of your holiday, and you need your tour operator to not only appreciate your preferences but genuinely care about your trip. Good advice and attention to detail are crucial factors to the success of your special holiday. As a small, specialist company, we understand these requirements and our consultants will strive to ensure your whole research, booking and travelling experience is a close to ‘perfect’ as possible.

For couples planning a wedding in East Africa, these factors are even more important. Not only can East Africa offer memorable and stunning locations for intimate weddings or blessings, but we can also guarantee management and staff who will really care about your individual wedding experience. 

If you choose to be married on safari, you may well be the only wedding they organise that year, and your hosts will be nearly as excited about it as you are!

Kenya and Tanzania tend to offer the greatest variety of honeymoon options, especially if you are looking for reasonable value safari and beach combinations, often with 5 to 10 days on safari.

In terms of where to go on honeymoon in East Africa, there are many amazing options hard to say where be best for anyone without understanding their personal interest, requirements and budget.

Kenya wedding & Honeymoon: 

Kenya is the home to the Masai Mara, one of East Africa most incredible game viewing areas which is ideal for honeymooners looking to experience the quintessential East African plains experience, complete with big herds of game being watched by the big cats.

The Mara can easily be combined with the Kenya coast, Zanzibar or Seychelles for a wonderful safari and beach combination.

Tanzania Wedding & Honeymoon: 

Tanzania is a popular Honeymoon destination as it can offer a combination of amazing game viewing and beautiful beaches. Iconic safari destinations in northern Tanzania such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater are obvious choices for big game safaris, whilst Nyerere and Ruaha in the south offer something a little more remote and wild.

All safari regions can easily be combined with the coast, with excellent scheduled flight connections, making Tanzania the perfect ‘safari and beach’ destination. There are also some very affordable safari options and beach hotels, so Tanzania is able to offer a wide price range, though of course the higher quality options are still expensive.

Tanzania is a country that can offer incredible safari and beach honeymoons. The north is home to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, two iconic safari regions, whilst the south is home to the more remote and exclusive Nyerere National Park and Ruaha. Both regions can easily combine with Zanzibar and the other Tanzania islands.

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