Tanzania, a place known for its adventure, beauty, diversity, colour, and amazing people has, since years, been a really loved destination amongst travellers from every corner of the world. As you tour Tanzania, you will be amazed to experience such a  rich history, the diversity of many tribes and peoples living with each other, as well as an incredibly colourful landscape.

Visiting the historical and cultural sites of Dar es Salaam, learning a bit more about the founder of the country – Julius Nyerere, exploring the landscape of Tanzania Safari, Zanzibar especially with its mesmerizing beauty and an utterly fascinating history, visiting the village of Mali, meeting the incredible people there, making a trip to the fair-trade coffee plantations near Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a lot more would be store for you, when you visit Tanzania.

But, it’s not just travelling – it is sustainable travelling that one should aim for. Especially, when you go to a place as culturally, historically, and geographically rich as Tanzania, you must support, or at least not mess with their environment and society, as much as you can.


Say a Big ‘No’ to Plastic!

Instead of getting irritated about high pollution, or how badly kept a street is, or the garbage disposal system is total garbage in a place, you should rather try to be a part of the solution. Especially, if you’re not in your home territory, always opt for purified water in glass recyclable bottles made from glass. When you’re in one of the Tanzania National Parks, or out in the streets, maybe perusing the street shops, use a tote bag that you should have carried in your luggage. This will reduce your plastic usage to a great extent. Not just that, but your carbon footprint will be reduced to a huge extent, due to the reason that manufacturing of plastic bags and bottles primarily uses petroleum-based ingredients.


Support Their Local Economy as Much as You Can

We all love taking souvenirs for our loved ones; but, we usually take products that are imported and cheap, instead locally made ones as they are comparatively expensive. To support the real economy of a place, it is always better if you purchase the crafts and other things that are made there locally. By doing this you ensure your money contributes to their economy, having a positive and more direct impact.


Ask Your Tour Operators Some Important Questions

When you decide to travel, just you explore your options for a destination, the same way you should research a lot before you zero in on a Tanzania Safari tours operator. Before seeking out the services of any tour outfitter, ask them how eco-friendly their practices are, if they employ local guides on their trips, as well as ask if they could cite one of their previous trips where they tried to protect and support wildlife heritage. If they give you satisfactory answers, good; if not, then they are clearly far behind the current times, and you know you’d have to keep searching for the right tour operator.