We live in a world that is interconnected at just about every level. We have smartphones, ipads, desktops, and whatnot, which we carry just about everywhere, all the time. Our devices are the first things we see in the morning, almost like a ritual, and sleep to it at night.

While we seldom forget to recharge the batteries of these devices, do we ever think about recharging our own batteries? Cramped up in our apartments and then off to our workplaces, hooked on to our phones – it’s a routine that we need to break at regular intervals. There’s a need to break the monotony of life, and not let it become too boring, so that our mental, physical, and emotional health don’t take a toll.


Africa and Digital Detox

Just a decade or so back, children knew how to play with other children in an actual physical ground; people didn’t feel awkward to just roam about the nearby park without any headphones. But today, something as simple as that might take a good amount of planning. Good thing then, that there are places like Wolwedans Private Camp in Namibia, or remote and wild camps of Singita Serengeti, and so many similar others offered by the African landscape.

While it’s a struggle for people today to live without wifi and a 24×7 Internet connectivity, there are places to go on an adventurous safari, or just to wander about, taking a simple walk in Africa, that will make you forget your mundane life for a while, and focus on nature, reflect on life, and just feel the natural rhythm of the universe around.

It only takes one to soak in the scent and sights of Zambia’s South Luangwa region (accompanied with an armed ranger at all times); or visit Namibia’s NamibRand Reserve to firsthand experience the tranquility found in its barren mountains and vast deserts; or take their photography lessons (using an actual camera, not phone camera) for a real spin across Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp.


Take Yourself Out on a Wilderness Spin!

There is no dearth of places across this beautiful continent where one can finally do more than just check their emails, rely on text messages, or break away from the onslaught of social media. And talking of social media, there have been umpteen times, when tourists have found themselves so mesmerized by the amazing spirit and unparalleled beauty of the place, that they’ve almost forgotten to take pictures, let alone post them online!

You know how one goes on a juice detox, so that they can eat their normal food in the future without falling sick – the same way, one needs digital detox to disconnect, so they can reconnect with their regular lives. Join in on the wilderness offered by the majestic continent of Africa; it’s an opportunity matched by nothing else in this world!