Tanzania is a place where you can really feel the rhythm and energy of the wild. With Kilimanjaro gracing its landscape with its presence, Tanzania is truly the beautiful culmination of fauna and flora. It explains why Tanzania is a prime tourist destination. However, finding a reliable tourist service to help you understand Tanzania in all its glory is harder said than done! But, the whole experience becomes mesmerizing if you find yourself a safari that knows the pulse of the place.

This is where Galloping Safaris Ltd shines as a luxury tour provider. Being accustomed to the tradition and places of Kilimanjaro, Galloping Safaris Ltd will provide you with the experience of a lifetime! But that doesn’t justify the “luxury” experience that we promise to our clients.
We provide our vehicles with a no mileage restriction. That means that you will be chauffeured around the majestical plains of Tanzania as long as you want! Also, these aren’t any ordinary vehicles that we use for the sake of traveling. The vehicles that we chose to use with Tanzanian tours are the 4×4 stretched Land Cruisers.

They are equipped with modern trekking amenities like binoculars, food and snacks, bean bags, beds etc. They are rugged on the outside and spacious on the inside so that we could add more features into them like Wi-Fi and charging ports. You aren’t just “traveling”, but traveling in pure luxury!
Our Tanzanian tours are coordinated to make sure that you can enjoy Tanzania in all its glory. Our game drives will introduce you to the realm of the wild, where the animals and birds roam with no care for the world. We are well aware of the danger involved and have taken precautions and have structured our plan in such a way that the risk factor is considerably reduced. Also, our on-call medical team is available 24/7 via air, ensuring medication is available within mere minutes if they are required.

Cross off Tanzania from your travel bucket list and make memories like no other! With Galloping Safari Ltd, you can be sure of having the best travel experience across Africa. Why wait? The wild is calling!